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Age of Empires IIIhelp and info

  • What is "Age of Empires III The Warchiefs"?

    Quite simply, it is an expansion pack for the original "Age of Empires III". Where the original program allowed the player to play as one of a number of global tribes, this add-on focuses on the Americas, with a number of playable groups including Native American and European tribes.

  • How does the format differ from the original program?

    While this expansion pack contains completely new content, "Age of Empires The Warchiefs" uses the same gameplay and format as the program that forms its basis. This enables the add-on to act as a complementary package with all controls and gameplay being the same; however, new content gives the original format a new angle.

  • What are the new features in the latest update?

    The latest version takes the concept one step further; there are new features to the game, including 'revolution', where players can revolt and rule from home. There are new units with stealth capabilities so players can practice espionage and a new storyline involving the Black family.

  • What new tribes are playable?

    The expansion adds greater detail to the existing tribes; the Huron have replaced the Iroquois and the Cheyenne have replaced the Sioux. Other new playable tribes include the Klamath, Apache, Navajo and Mapuche. The Zapotec have also replaced the Aztecs.

  • Are there new maps?

    There are five completely new maps to play, including the Painted Desert, California, the Northwest Territory, the Andes and the Orinoco. There is also Araucania, which has the Northern, Southern and Middle sectors as playable areas.

  • What platforms support this program?

    The "Age of Empires" series was originally developed for Microsoft Windows PCs. However, the game has been also been ported to Mac with all expansion packs including "Age of Empires III The Warchiefs".

  • Is the program available as a mobile app?

    Unfortunately, neither Age of Empires III nor any of the associated expansion packs are available for mobile. There is a mobile version available on Android and Apple for "Age of Empires: World Domination", but there have been no announcements from the developers regarding the third series.

  • How is the program installed?

    In 2006, Age of Empires III The Warchiefs was released as part of the Age of Empires III "Gold" Package. At the time, this was installed using a separate CD-ROM. The game is now available as a download; however, it is not a stand-alone program, and it is necessary to have "Age of Empires III" installed for the program to run.

  • Is The Program free?

    While the original "Age of Empires III The Warchiefs" had to be purchased as a bundle, the current format is available as a free download for those who have "Age of Empires III" already installed.

  • Is the program frequently updated?

    As a result of the new downloadable format, there are now regular updates available. Not only this, but there are many patches and cheats available for download from fan sites.